Best Wired Headsets with Microphone for Students

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Last Updated on June 4, 2024 by Sarah McCubbin

Whether your students are attending school in person or learning from home, having good headsets with a microphone can make a big difference. Headsets help students stay focused, hear your teachers clearly in online classes, and block out noise in the room.

In today’s digital world, affordable, quality headsets are a must, so let’s talk about the best headset choices on the market.

Nearly every day during the school year, I will have at least one kid or teen say, “I don’t have a pair of headphones. Mom, do you know where they are?” I’ve had school aged kids for a 17 years now and needing quality headsets for every student in the house was not something I worried about all those years ago.

But today, when you shop the back-to-school list and add crayons, rulers and glue to your cart, you also need to have great headsets on hand that hold up when kids use them…and don’t break the bank!

On any given day, I have my elementary kids doing math on the computer while another one listens to an audio book. In the afternoon, someone is always doing homework on a laptop. In the evening, I’ll have 5 teens playing video games with my husband…all at once.

Headphones and headsets are lifesavers in my house! They let everyone “do their thing” without it being crazy loud. Did I mention I have 9 kids…and 8 still live at home. That’s a lot of people and without good quality headsets, it gets LOUD with the teachers talking, the video games pinging, the music going and the lessons playing at one time!

The Best Wired Headsets With Microphone for Students

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What Makes a Great Headset for Students?

When I’m shopping for headsets for students, I’m looking at quality and affordability. I also want headsets with microphone included! Ideally, the headphones fit the size of the child…but I’m a mom with lots of kids…they get what they get and don’t get upset!

Recently I got to try out AVID headsets in two different styles. I tried both the AE-36 and AE-55 headsets. Both are perfect for elementary kids!

Why Headsets are Important for Students

In-School Benefits:

  • Focus: A good headset helps you concentrate on your lessons by blocking out distracting noises.
  • Participation: With a clear microphone, you can easily participate in class discussions and group projects.
  • Comfort: Comfortable and adjustable headsets ensure you can wear them for long periods without discomfort.

Homeschooling Benefits:

  • Connection: Headsets help homeschooled students stay connected with their tutors and classmates during online lessons.
  • Learning Environment: They create a more focused learning environment by reducing household noise. One child can work on a lesson on the computer while another works with mom and both are able to focus. Or you can have multiple children on different devices all learning different things and staying on task!
  • Versatility: Headsets with a 3.5mm connector work with multiple devices, making it easy to switch between different subjects and activities.

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Why Choose AVID Headsets?

AVID headsets are known for being durable, comfortable and having great sound quality.

I was recently doing a radio interview and they wanted me to use headphones with a microphone. They only headphones I had were the headsets by AVID Products Inc, that my kids use…so I grabbed a pair and used those! Before the interview, we did all kinds of sound checks and they told me my sound was very CLEAR!

I don’t expect my kids to do radio interviews anytime soon, but with these AVID headphones, I’m confident they will be able to communicate clearly and easily in all the “kid applications” they have in their life!

I chose the AE-36 and AE-55 models with 3.5mm connectors because most of our devices use that connection for audio. But they also have a variety of other options if your devices use something different!

Why I Liked The AVID AE-36 & AE-55 Headsets with Microphones

Do you have any “sensory kids” in your house. I definitely do in mine. I don’t put up with picky kids but we all know that sometimes they are just…picky! After using the two different sets, my recommendation would be that the AVID-36 works best for your elementary age kids. The ear cups are smaller…but comfortable. For upper elementary and middle school, the AVID-55 is very comfortable with larger ear cups. I tried both as an adult and they were both adjustable to fit my head!

AVID-36 Features:

  • Comfortable Design: The AE-36 is lightweight and has soft, padded ear cups, making it comfortable to wear for long study sessions.
  • Clear Sound Quality: This headset provides clear audio, so you won’t miss any important details during your lessons.
  • Noise-Canceling Microphone: The microphone reduces background noise, ensuring your voice comes through loud and clear.
  • 3.5mm Connector: This makes it easy to plug into most devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They also offer this in USB-C as well.

AVID-55 Features

  • Enhanced Comfort: The AE-55 has a more advanced design with extra padding, making it even more comfortable for extended wear.
  • Superior Sound Quality: This model offers even better sound quality, providing a richer audio experience.
  • Advanced Noise-Canceling Microphone: The microphone on the AE-55 is top-notch, filtering out even more background noise.
  • Durable Design: Built to last, the AE-55 can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
  • 3.5mm Connector: Just like the AE-36, this headset easily connects to most devices.

Tips for Choosing the Right Headset

When you go to look at headsets, there can be an overwhelming number of options. There are headsets that are big…and others that are small. Some have microphones and others don’t. And then there are the colors and features…and will they hold up?

Over the past 17 years, I have bought MANY pairs of headphones. For kids, the biggest features are affordability, durability and comfort. I don’t want to spend a lot and have them break easily….nor do I want to spend too little and have one ear not work or the microphone not work!!

Here are your tops things to look for in a headset!

  1. Comfort: Make sure the headset is comfortable, especially if you’ll be wearing it for long periods.
  2. Sound Quality: Good sound quality is important for hearing lessons and participating in discussions.
  3. Microphone Quality: A good microphone ensures that your voice is heard clearly.
  4. Compatibility: Check that the headset works with your devices, whether it’s a computer, tablet, or phone. If a device does not fit your audio port, you may be able to use an adapter to modify your device. Our phones use a different audio port than all our other devices so we do keep an adapter just for this.
  5. Durability: Look for headsets that can withstand daily use.

Both the AVID AE-36 and AE-55 are fantastic choices for students. They offer great sound quality, comfort, and durability, making them perfect for both in-school and homeschooling environments. Both are priced in the $15-20 range and are sturdy enough to hold up to a lot of use! Happy studying!

Why Choose AVID Headset For Your Family

AVID is a small employee-owned U.S. Company based in Rhode Island. I love that. America was founded on small businesses owned by real people serving their neighbors and that tradition carries on here. In fact, AVID Products Inc, has been around for over 70 years since 1953.

Beyond tradition, they are also care about safety and responsibility. All products are as safe as possible and are Prop-65 and RoHS compliant. They even have a headset recycling program. Almost 100% of headset materials can be recycled and AVID helps you recycle any brand of headset, headphone or ear bud for free.

Sarah McCubbin, founder of Ten Minute Momentum, is dedicated to helping parents confidently parent their kids by teaching life skills, social skills and leadership skills. As a child she was the kid that never quite fit in and is on a mission to help others understand the building blocks we all need to be successful adults. She lives in Ohio with her husband Mike, and 9 kids ranging in age from 5 to 21 where they use homeschool, private school and public schools for their kids education!

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