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Life Skills Resources

Life skills are the fundamental building blocks of childhood. They are the concrete and nuanced tools we give to our children and teens that help them prepare for adulthood.

life skills resources

Curiously, most of us were raised without an awareness of life skills at all. Most of us became adults without a “life skills class” or reading a “life skills book.” Somehow, we learned the things we needed to become successful adults without a checklist of life skills we needed before age 18.

Oftentimes, we become aware of the need for life skills education when we are trying to help our kids take then next step in life and “SOMETHING” is missing. We can’t quite put our finger on it, but they “just don’t get” some things. And over time, we become frustated. They don’t fit in or maybe they just seem stuck.

I was one of those kids. And for me, the life skills that I desperately needed were in the social skills & resiliency departments! I struggled to make friends and was socially awkward…saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I had trouble reading social situations and mostly felt like an outsider. I had to learn social skills like other kids learned math…but I learned them as an adult!

And now as a mom of 9 very different kids (ages 6 to 21), I have observed that most kids have gaps in their life skills somewhere. And the adults in their life can bridge by giving the situation a little bit of attention!

How Can Education Coaching Help Your Family?

Education Coaching is ALL about helping you as parents find the BEST educational options for your child in your current season. 

I bring 20+ years of education experience to help parents navigate educational opportunities that support life skills and social skills. 

As a mom of 9 kids (three who are now adults), I have lived and breathed the every day experience of trying to figure out how to help different kids find their way and be successful! 

If your child or teen is struggling, I would be happy  to listen and work together to come up with a path forward for your child! 

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Life Skills Resources


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