Education Coaching

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Does your child’s education stress you out or excite you? Maybe you have never considered all the choices available and the specific options available to help your child thrive.

Every child is gifted with specific areas of talents or “smarts.” When those strengths are paired with educational opportunities that build them up, their weak areas are minimized, their confidence grows and they are excited to learn.

There is nothing more exciting than watching a child or teen grab hold of life, overcome obstacles and become who they are meant to be.

There Are 1,250 Hours of School Per Year

The Average School year is 36 weeks long covering approximately 180 days of schooling.
In a traditional school model, that can mean over 1250 hours of being bored and under-challenged for many students.

In a life-giving environment using non-traditional education, that is over 1,250 hours of time per year where they can be encouraged, their self-esteem grows and they develop confidence in their abilities.

What Will You Do With The 16,380 Hours Your Child Is In School from grades K-12? What Will They Be Taught? Who Will They Become?

Let’s Talk…I Can Help!

If you are tired of leaving the outcome to chance, I invite you to Jump on a Call With Me to talk through your options.

As a Parent Education Coach, I help parents confidently become the expert in their child’s education and use non-traditional education resources to help their children thrive.

In my 15 years of educating my 9 kids, I have learned a LOT about what makes an education experience manageable or stressful! Our family has used a mix of public, private, homeschool and hybrid experiences to successfully educate our kids.

I can help you make a plan that meets goals in alignment with your values in a way that is efficient, affordable and fun. Working together, we will map out a plan that sets your year up for success in a way that feels accomplished at the end.

Just like building a house requires a lot of thought and planning before you ever use hammer and nails, a successful education begins with vision and planning to ensure that the end is just as great as the beginning!

Education Coaching Packages
1 hour session$60
(4) – 60 minute sessions$220
(8) – 60 minute sessions $380

If are struggling to find the right educational fit for your child, send me an email and I’ll respond personally. Let’s find the right fit for your child. My email is: [email protected]