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30+ Activities and Events at Discovery Park Ohio in 2024

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Last Updated on June 4, 2024 by Sarah McCubbin

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Discovery Park Ohio in Lodi, Ohio is this hidden treasure that I never knew about even though I live just down the nearby interstate. Imagine the best of adventures parks combined with creativity and outdoor fun without screens!! Kids love this place!

Would your kids love to “Drive” a REAL firetruck?

Do your kids stare in awe when they see a big red fire truck drive past them in a parade or go flying down the road in an emergency? Mine do. Imagine if they could play on one, open all the compartments, sit in the driver’s seat and IMAGINE themselves as the hero.

My 7 year old son and 4 year old daughter absolutely LOVED the fire truck on our first visit to Discovery Park. With a whole field of activities, I had a hard time prying my daughter out of the truck to try something new! Your kids will love this as much as mine!

If you are wishing there was a place they could play for hours (like you did when you were a kid) in a safe space that allows for exploration and adventure, look no further than Discovery Park Ohio, in Lodi Ohio.

As you drive up the driveway, you will see a large fenced area. The firetruck is right out front but as you glance around you will see a zipline, a Test Track area, a Cesna airplane, climbing areas, mining for gemstones and so much more!!

How Much Is Admission at Discovery Park Ohio?

In 2023, admission is $10 per child from ages 3-15. Adults are Free!!
If you want to bring a group, they offer discounted admission of $8 per child with a group of 15 or more making it an exciting option for field trips for preschools, summer camps and local schools!

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Season Passes Are Available Too!

Did you know that Discovery Park is open year round? A season pass is a great way to get your kids out of the house for an hour or two on a sunny January day without feeling like you need to “get your money’s worth.” Maybe I’m the only one that feels that way!

And season passes in 2023 are only $40 per child with a max of $150 per family! Crazy right? There are other local farms that charge more than that for a season pass that lasts 2 months. This is an amazing deal!

What Activities Are at Discovery Park Ohio?

There are SO MANY things to do at Discovery Park. We’ve been back several times and my kids play for about 4 hours every time. They are exhausted when we go home! This would be a GREAT place to have a family reunion if you have a lot of young children…especially once they add their Event Center in late 2023.

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New for 2024!!

At the end of 2023, Discovery Park added a Cessna for kids to “ride” in! It is now mounted and has stairs for kids to climb up to the Cessna and real controls that make the Cessna move…all while firmly attached to a pole! Your budding pilot will love it!

9 Tadpole Hole Activities (Great for 2 to 5 year olds)

In “Tadpole Hole” you can expect your little ones to be easily entertained while the bigger kids run off to play. You might see them chasing a chicken, or mixing up “dinner” in the Mud Pie Bakery. You will hear squeals of delight is a they slide down the big tube slide or splash in the Duck Race. Young children love the sense of independence and freedom that they have while exploring new things designed just for them.

Activities in this area include:

  1. Tunnel to run through – This goes underground….kids love it!
  2. Pond with tadpoles and frogs
  3. Pump with water troughs – Kids learn the mechanics of pumps
  4. Giant sandbox with bucket track, digger and trucks
  5. Spy tower with giant slide
  6. Duck race water pumps
  7. Mud Pie bakery – the little kids LOVE this area!
  8. Cafe above
  9. Chickens to pet that walk through the play area
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things to do at discovery park ohio

12 Main Area Activities at Discovery Park Ohio

  1. Railroad around park
  2. Diggers Creek mining
  3. Train tunnel through the hill
  4. A-Mazing Climbing structure
  5. Pedal powered go karts
  6. Spinning Teeter totter
  7. Shipwreck Lagoon
  8. Parachute canopy eating area
  9. Platform above the track in the woods
  10. Cessna 152 airplane
  11. Chickens everywhere
  12. Goats to pet

10 Test Track Activities

Do you have kids with a LOT of energy? I do! And the test track is the perfect place for them to test their strength again these different activities. As they run, roll, teeter and spin, they will be experimenting over and over to see how far and how fast they can go every time!

  1. Racing zip lines
  2. Wobbly merry go round
  3. Wind up
  4. Bonk 6 swings in a circle
  5. Giant merry go round
  6. Flap spinning chair
  7. Stand up Teeter tottter
  8. Rollers – free and on a track
  9. Adult teeter totter
  10. Fire truck
discovery park ohio lagoon

Tipi village Rentals

Beyond the activities included with regular admission, Discovery Park also offers Tipi rentals! Your family can stay overnight in a Tipi and enjoy a unique camping experience in the Tipi village!

What They Offer:

  • 3 tipis to rent – 2 with queen size beds
  • Large covered picnic table
  • fire pit with benches
  • Grill for cooking
  • Outdoor shower with hot water
  • Large tipi for big gatherings/birthday parties

Field Trips & Group Events at Discovery Park

Field Trips

Discovery Park is the perfect place to bring your group for a field trip. Whether you have a classroom of preschool students or a homeschool co-op, Discovery Park Ohio is the perfect place to bring your school-aged group. Call ahead to ask about group discounts and to schedule your group to come!

Group Events & Parties

If you need a great place to have a family reunion where the kids will stay busy all day, this is your place. Or if your business or non-profit wants a great place for a family friendly company picnic, this place is perfect.

Families can also have birthday parties or other parties here and use the Large tipi as the gathering place!

To find out more, visit the Discovery Park Website!

A presentation at a Homeschool Days event.

Discovery Park Ohio is Old Fashioned Fun for the Whole Family

I love Discovery Park Ohio becauses it provides a place for kids to be kids. It’s the kind of homemade fun many of us grew up with. It’s a place for kids to climb and explore, run and ride, swing and roll.

As a child, I grew up with many cousins, playing cops and robbers in the woods, climbing in the hayloft at my uncles barn and playing hide and seek in the corn fields. It was simple fun but full of memories. Discovery Park Ohio is as place like that…a place for simple memorable fun that your kids will love!

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