How To Use Bundles and Summits In Your Homeschool in 2023

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Last Updated on October 10, 2023 by Sarah McCubbin

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As a homeschooling parent for over 16 years, I’ve realized that using bundles and summits in your homeschool is different than using a traditional curriculum. I’ve purchased many of these products myself, so I thought I would share how to use them in a way that is not stressful and can help accomplish your goals.

The Education Gap in Traditional Homeschool Curriculum

As we educate our children, many of us have goals that go far beyond reading, writing, and math. We are raising future adults and we are thinking about the life skills, social skills, and leadership skills that we want them to possess when they go out into the world. Developing character, faith and authenticity are much bigger goals we have for their lives.

There is a lot of traditional curriculum that is excellent for teaching the core subjects. You can find reading, writing, math, science, and history that fits any learning style or preference. It is amazing. When I was homeschooled, families only had a handful of choices, but today, the options are endless (and sometimes overwhelming!)

But what is less common and perhaps more nuanced are the ways we can teach our kids how to interact with the world and be confident adults. There isn’t a clear path. Many of us have goals for our families, but honestly…there are only so many hours in the day to do ALL the things. I have 9 kids and helping them learn about and experience their interests is a huge challenge for me and my husband.

bundles and summits in your homeschool

Solution: Bundles and Summits In Your Homeschool

Bundles and summits fill a huge gap in teaching cultural, social, faith, leadership, and life skills education. They are often a bit less polished but filled with nuances, wisdom and interest-based content from many different experts. Some contributors are homeschool parents but others are simply knowledgeable in the content they are sharing. Both are great!

You can find Bundles for Elementary, Holidays, Faith, Mom Organization or almost any other subject. Summits have content for every interest under the sun…leadership, business, life skills, supporting moms, and on and on! Most summits are targeted at adults, but interest-based summits exist that would be appropriate for teens to take as well.

Of course, the biggest problem from a parent’s perspective is that Bundles and Summits are not available ALL the time. Oftentimes these products are only on sale for a week or two and then they are GONE or the price goes way up. That can feel very stressful. Do I buy and risk not using it? The current school year is already planned…will I remember to use this content if I buy it for next year? How do I know if this content is worth buying?

All of those are really good questions to ask. I love education products and curricula and have bought so much more than I ever could use!

The solution to this conundrum is Planning & Organization.

Before you can begin planning, it is important to remember why you homeschool. Why did YOU set out on this journey? What were your BIG GOALS? What kind of adults are you hoping to raise? What do you want them to know when they leave your house after graduation?

Planning With Homeschool Bundles & Summits

When you buy these groups of products, it is important to look at future planning rather than what you have going on right now. As I write this, it is January. In the course of 30 days, I will be sharing about 3 bundles or summits…all of which I contributed content to.

January is the middle of the school year. Do you know how hard it is to incorporate new things mid year. It is borderline insane. Ok…maybe not insane..but if your homeschool is working, don’t mess with it right now in the middle of winter.

Using my example though, someone might be interested in the Homeschool Homesteading Summit which is available in January, but not be ready to look at it until May when they are planning school for the following fall. That means, it might sit on your hard drive for 4 or 5 months before you look at it.

But if you buy it now…won’t you forget about it? You won’t forget if you have a system for organizing digital resources!!

How Should You Organize Your Resources

Digital resources can be organized in many different ways. I have a file system on my hard drive that I share with you in this post here:

How to Organize Your Homeschool Digital Resources

Because bundles and summits are often available at an odd time of year, the MOST IMPORTANT thing you can do is to have a file on your computer for the upcoming school year.

  • As you purchase new items, you can organize them into your digital file system.
  • Put any new products, bundles or summits that you intend to use next school year in a file for the upcoming year.
  • When you begin to plan your next school year…and before you begin purchasing curriculum, review the digital files you have in your planning folder.

Using bundles and summits in your homeschool can be an economical option to achieve the goals you have for your homeschool.

My Favorite Homeschool Books!

Printing Your Digital Resources

Printing digital resources can feel like a significant investment, even if the product was inexpensive. That is why I wanted to share a great company with you called Best Value Copy. At the time of writing, their B&W copies are only 3.9 cents and Color copies are 9.9 cents! That is amazing. Using a service like this can make printing an economical option!

Current Bundles or Summits

One of my personal goals is to help families with high-quality products that are of great value…especially products that help families teach life skills, social skills and leadership.

Here are the current bundles or summits that I have looked at personally and am supporting at this time.

Homeschool Super Heroes Summit!

The Summit is happening July 24-28, 2023!

The Basic Pass is FREE with 24 hours access to each session.

But if you don’t think you will have time to watch ALL the sessions, I highly recommend grabbing the VIP Access for only $29!

The VIP Access includes:

Lifetime Access to all sessions, handouts and surprise sessions. 

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