Who Is TenMinuteMomentum.com For?

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Last Updated on January 22, 2021 by Sarah McCubbin

Ten Minute Momentum is a place of encouragement, resources, ideas and hope for busy moms. Do you have goals and dreams that have been stowed away and dismissed because of our season of life, finances, education or any number of other reasons? For a lot of years, I felt discouraged and disqualified to accomplish these things I wanted to do. If you have goals…big or small…that you want to make progress on but lack the motivation, plan or momentum to get started on, you have come to the right place!

My oldest son is 18 years old! My youngest daughter is 3! With 9 kids in the house and a lot of years of being a parent, I started to feel lost….like I was so busy being a wife and mom that I didn’t even have goals anymore. Most of my goals were based on what was happening in the next 2 hours….get clothes on the kids…give them something to eat..shuttle someone to a class and maybe think of something for dinner. Over and over and over…every day was another day of endless to do lists but I lacked excitement or energy for any of it. I didn’t realize how worn I had become, but I knew that didn’t like the person I had become….tired, frustrated, overweight, and a bit numb.

So…here we are! Ten Minute Momentum is

  • For amazing women filling the “mom” role in some way
  • To help us live from our identity as life-giving people with goals and dreams
  • A place to share ideas that can be implemented quickly and easily despite a busy schedule

Some of my favorite books are motivational, inspirational books about productivity, time management and living with purpose. We all want those things…to live with purpose. Productivity is a beautiful thing, but sometimes it doesn’t mesh well with being a mom. Somehow all the tips and tricks to get more done with less time don’t work well with interruptions from little people. It is a rare treat to have hours of uninterrupted time work on a task without a kiddo asking for a snack, needing help with homework or someone wanting SOMETHING! Maybe you can relate.

So I’ve decided to translate the best of the productivity advice out there into content by a mom (with lots of kids) for moms. Lets talk habits, and planners and menus and laundry and part time jobs and well…you get the picture. I want to share my story…what has worked for me and what has NOT worked so hopefully we can learn together!

Ten Minute Momentum was designed for busy moms who want to use time well to accomplish all kinds of goals!