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7+ Best Places to Find Mom’s Groups Near Me & Online (in 2024)

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Last Updated on January 3, 2024 by Sarah McCubbin

You may be wondering, how do I find Mom’s Groups near me? After all, community is important. And as moms, we know that we will always prioritize the needs of our kids over our own. But that can lead to moms feeling isolated and without a community of women to support them individually and on their mom journey. It doesn’t have to be like that!

Moms who stay home often find that their experience is more isolating than women who are in the workforce. Whether it is the long hours spent without adult conversation or the struggle to juggle all the needs 24/7 without a break, it can feel more difficult than many women expected when they brought their newborn home!

I’m 21 years into my mom journey and I can tell you that prioritizing relationships with other moms is one of the best things I have done. I don’t have a lot of “bestie” type friends. I don’t hang out with other moms every day. But I have a LOT of women that I connect with in different places and spaces and it has made life richer and better than it ever would be alone.

I’m going to share the best places to find in person local mom’s groups. And further down, I have specific tips on finding groups online where you can plugin immediately until you find your local people!

mom's groups near me

Oftentimes women find surprised to be struggling with loneliness, especially if they left a career to stay at home with their children. A career is often where people find their friends as well and when women walk away from that, they may feel isolated.

But moms who work may find themselves struggling too. They are spending long hours AWAY from their families and then need to come home and DO ALL THE THINGS leaving little down time for them to relax and laugh with other moms.

Whether you work or don’t…have a baby or teens…finding connection with other women is worth doing…even if you have never had to work on it before. Maybe you moved recently, just had a baby, have an introverted personality…or maybe you just never really felt the need to make a bunch of friends UNTIL NOW!

Finding Friends Can Take Time

Before you begin your search for mom friends, I must warn you…this can take a little bit of time. People want to find a group FAST, but unless you know someone in the group, that is often challenging! If it takes a few months…or even a full year to find your people, don’t get discouraged. You will find them!!

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1. Start with Local Facebook Groups & the Next Door App

If you find yourself up at night searching, “mom’s groups near me” or “mom groups in my area,” the BEST place to start your search is on local Facebook or NextDoor groups. In particular I’m thinking about groups for your town or city.

In my town, we have a community page where people come and post ALL kinds of things…community happenings, recommendations for a plumber, looking for a babysitter and SO MUCH MORE!

If you are looking for a mom’s group, that is a great place to start.

Or, you might go the hobby route and ask about groups for people who enjoy the same hobby as you!

2. Check Out is a great place to search for groups about ALL kinds of things. Here you can search for mom’s groups…but you should also search for hobby based groups. In our area, we have writers groups, hiking, biking, gardening and homeschooling…and so much more.

There is something for every interest on Meetup.

mom's groups near me

3. Ask Your Local Library

We often think of libraries as the place to go for books and movies…but really they are resource centers! Sometimes libraries host book clubs or other groups and often they stipulate that groups be open to the public if they use library space.

So check your library to see what kinds of things are going on there.

4. Find Preschool Moms at MOPS Groups

MOPS International is an faith based organization with both local and online groups. According to their website,”MOPS International encourages and equips moms of young children to realize their potential as mothers, women and leaders, in relationship with Jesus, and in partnership with the local church.

If you are a mom with preschoolers, you know how stressful and isolating life can be some days. They have all the energy and you have none!! Connecting with other moms and mentors while your children are cared for can be a great way to refresh and reboot while on your own mission to raise great kids!

5. Connect With Local Homeschool Groups

If you are mom of preschoolers who are not yet of school age, you may be looking at all your options for finding friends. Homeschool groups often have classes for preschool children where you can meet mom friends too. Ideally they are serving families who are considering homeschooling, but there is no obligation.

There are all kinds of homeschool groups. Some are more support group style for the moms…and others are playgroups, academic or nature based co-ops. Obviously many of these groups focus on the kids, but getting to know other moms while your kids make friends is a great way to make mom friends for you too!

6 Best Places to Find Homeschool Groups in My Area

6. Connect With Moms Through Your Kid’s Academic and Athletic Activities

Local schools often have PTA groups for mom’s organizing school related activities. If your kids are in school, you can join one of these groups to find moms who share the same interest!

Also, if your kids are on athletic teams, making an effort to get together with moms from those groups can also be a great way to make friends.

7. Local Churches Have Mom Groups

If you attend a local church (or if you don’t), you should know that local churches are great place to meet other moms who really care about raising their kids well. At local churches you may find the following types of groups:

It can be a daunting thing to plug in at a local church. If you know of one in your area that you would like to participate in, I would suggest calling their main office to talk to a secretary about groups. You can also ask a friend if you know someone who attends and check out their website.

Some churches have a lot of their church happenings available online…but many have very limited information making a phone call worthwhile!

Churches have a wide variety of ways to connect. Some churches have a LOT of different choices. And some are very limited. Knowing what you are looking for…for you and your kids…can help you narrow down options without ever stepping foot in the building!

8. Take a Class

A great way to make new friends is to take a class in a topic that interests you. I see local women making friends taking classes at a local art studio, joining a Pickleball team, taking a class at the YMCA or joining an art class. If you want to make friends through classes, sign up for something that meets regularly so you spend time with the same group of people consistently!

Can’t Find a Group? Start Your Own!

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Mindset & Strategy to Find Mom’s Groups Near Me in My Area

If you want to find a homeschool group that is a great fit for you, its time to be strategic:

  1. Get Organized – Write down the names of groups you find and a few notes about them (homeschool philosophy, participation requirements, cost, why you think it would or would not work for you)
  2. Be Curious – When you are out and about, be prepared to ask perfect strangers about groups they are in…or have been in. This gives you insider perspective. Add it to your notes
  3. Be Flexible – Finding “your people” can take time. While you figure it out, try new things and meet new people. Going to a group once doesn’t obligate you to continue!

More Tips for How to Finding Mom’s Groups Online

What If I Can’t Find Community?

Sometimes people can’t find community…for awhile. It can take time. But in the meantime, it can feel lonely. Here are some great options for finding your people online.

  1. MOPS Internatiaonal (Preschool Moms)
  2. Online Bible Studies
  3. Facebook Groups (Big families, small familes, single moms, homeschool moms, working moms etc)
  4. Join an online group that meets via Zoom. This could be a bookclub, class, group coaching and much more!
  5. Start Your Own Mom’s Group…It’s easier than you think!
mom's groups near me

Community is Worth Searching For & Investing In

Growing up I was always around people. And I usually had 1 or 2 friends. But when it came to making more…man that was tough. I had a hard time making friends.

As an adult, I realized that 2 things make it easier for me to make friend.

  1. Do activities with other that we both enjoy. For me that has been hobbies, homeschooling and Bible studies.
  2. Learn to ask good questions? Good questions keep a conversation going indefinitely and can getting to know people so much easier!

Having led a large homeschool group, I will tell you that people leading groups are investing a TON of time to make that group happen. If you want to be part of the group you find that you love, plan to invest some time. Matt. 6:21 says, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

This is a great reminder, that we will find connection in the places we invest our “treasure” which is our time and money.

10 Activities for Mom’s Groups

  • Have a Book Club
  • Have a rotating dinner club in your home or at different restaurants.
  • Paint Pottery or Canvas
  • Have a Scrapbooking or Craft Night
  • Have a Service Night to assemble gifts or donations for a cause
  • Have a “Party” (Pampered Chef, Usborne etc) to benefit a different lady every few months.
  • Make handmade cards
  • Go hiking or biking
  • Have a themed gathering with food, books, gifts etc all centered on one them.
  • Go to a Comedy Club

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