cheap groceries and goods in amish country

13 Stores: Cheap Groceries and Goods in Amish Country (Ohio)

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Last Updated on June 5, 2024 by Sarah McCubbin

Are you looking for cheap groceries and goods in Amish country? Let me tell you the BEST places to buy inexpensive groceries and goods. Most of these bulk food and bent & dent groceries are near Applecreek, Kidron, Mt. Eaton, and Fredericksburg in Holmes County, Ohio.

When you have a large family and a limited budget, you have a variety of options for keeping your wallet intact. Most of them involve shopping at discount grocery stores and/or using coupons. But when you live near Ohio’s Amish, you definitely want to consider the discount options available there especially if you like to cook from scratch and are willing to buy in bulk.

For us, a typical trip is all about the cheap groceries and goods in Amish country. I don’t really enjoy most shopping and prefer to buy online to limit trips to the store. But I do love my trips to Amish Country. If you live in the area, you know that there are several larger towns in Holmes County.

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My friends frequently ask where I shop down there and I tend to groan. (I know…I’m nice.) The problem is, things aren’t on neatly marked streets. GPS doesn’t work down there sometimes and cellphone reception can be sketchy. Explaining where to find things often involves more general directions like, “Go through the 2nd stop sign past the 3rd pine tree and turn left at the second entrance of the white house with the curve around the driveway.” Great right! It’s not really that bad, but it’s hard to explain in a quick conversation.

Amish Stores in Holmes County Ohio

If you have never been to Amish, go ahead and map a route before you go to make sure you are not criss-crossing across Amish country.

Anyway, my visits to Amish Country start in Kidron Ohio in Holmes County on Kidron Rd. The following are my favorite stops. Most are food related, but some I just like!

Please note that many of these stores only take cash or checks!

Amish Country, Mount Eaton, Ohio in the fall

1. Country View Bend & Dent Surplus Groceries

4097 S Kansas Rd, Apple Creek, OH 44606

Payment accepted: cash or check

Tucked down back country roads is this little gem…Country View Bend & Dent. Like other discount groceries stores in Amish country, this store is a family owned business that sells groceries that are either “bent” with damaged packaging or expired dates.

I’ve been shopping here for years and get some great deals on food, coffee, snacks, personal care items and vitamins.

2. MCC Thrift Store

Growing up, my mom was a hardcore thrift store shopper, and I had a love/hate relationship with the whole experience. Some thrift stores are dirty or the merchandise is poorly displayed. Some thrift stores have piles of donations/garbage out by the dumpster making you question what exactly they warrant keeping and if your donations are ending up on the trash heap too. What I love about this shop first is that it is neat and tidy inside. Carpetted floors make it quieter inside and the display racks are neatly organized. Most items are fairly priced although like everything, prices tend to creep up here too. In addition to clothes, they have tons of books, magazines organized by title, homeschool curriculum, household goods, craft and sewing supplies, and more. I know that when I give things like curriculum

craft supplies, it will be appreciated by someone else and not thrown into a hodge podge box of random items. I also like that when you buy games and puzzles here, they actually take the time to see if pieces are missing and clearly mark the box to indicate if anything is missing.

MCC Thrift Store (Website)

4080 Kidron Rd, Kidron, OH, (330) 857-7802

Cash, check or credit accepted

MCC Connection Kidron
MCC Connections Thrift Store in Kidron

3. Lehman’s Hardware

Lehman’s Hardware (Website)

4779 Kidron Rd, Dalton, OH 44618 , (888) 438-5346

Cash, check or credit accepted

This next one isn’t “cheap” like many of the other places listed here. Instead, it sells a lot of really high quality items…most are made in America and many are difficult to find in other stores. If you like high quality practical goods that last a long time, check out Lehman’s. I buy all my paring knives and peelers here!

Lehman’s Hardware is a favorite stop for that perfect step back in time right alongside modern amenities. Whether you want to find quality tools and seeds for your garden, cooking supplies galore, classic children’s games and toys, nostalgic old-time candies, and beautiful woodstoves, this place is worth the stop just to browse. If I don’t have my kids with me, I could spend hours in here. With kids, it is more challenging as they want to touch and explore all the cool things in this place. Definitely stop here if you have never been.

4. L.E. Sommer’s Grainery

L.E. Sommers, 13363 Jericho Rd, Dalton, OH 44618, (330) 857-2031

Cash, check or credit accepted. Discount for paying with cash or check.

A number of years ago, our family decided to start raising chickens for eggs. It was a big endeavor for us non-farmers, but we wanted to try it. One of the things we quickly learned is that chicken feed can be expensive!! We have found that the feed is often 20-30% cheaper than the local Tractor Supply. They do have feed for all kinds of animals, so if you have farm animals or pets, definitely check this place out.

5. Kidron Road Greenhouse

7478 Kidron Road
Apple Creek OH 44606-8807

Cash or check accepted

Kidron Road Greenhouse is a small family-owned operation that is open year round selling produce and flowers. My favorite time of year to stop here in the spring for flats of flowers and veggies. Their prices are usually much better than nurseries local to us and they usually sell things like onion and sweet potato starts which are less common at other nurseries.

6. Country Salvage Scratch and Dent

9420 Kidron Road, Applecreek, Ohio 44606

cash or check accepted

This stop is awesome…wonderful…a must stop if you have never been. Scratch-and-dent grocery stores are in various parts of Amish country and exist in other places as well, but this is one of the closest for us. These stores buy bulk goods from suppliers that have damaged packaging or are outdated on their “best buy” date. Most of the time they are very recently expired but not always.

Every time you go, the selection is different, so if you find something good for a price you can’t beat, buy it all! Prices are usually 50-90% off retail. Things you might find inside are canned goods, juices, cereals, crackers, cookies, candy, rices and grains, coffee, tea and any number of other things from a grocery store.

 Often there are organic or gluten-free items as well. I would caution that if you are unsure of something and are planning to buy a lot, open one to taste and buy there in the store. If it is “off” then you will have saved yourself from purchasing a lot of something unsalvageable.

There are no returns, so there is a slight learning curve to buying groceries this way. I’ve been shopping here for years and have only had a few things over that time that were unsuitable but I am more careful now. My personal tip is that canola oil does seem to taste rancid after the sell-by date, so I tend to avoid that as an ingredient if possible.

Country Salvage Discount Groceries
Country Salvage Discount Groceries

7. Ashery Country Store

8922 Ohio 241, Fredericksburg, OH 44627
(330) 359-5615

cash, check and credit accepted

The Ashery Country Store is a bulk food store that also offers online ordering! I remember stopping here when I was a kid and loving the bulk candy selection as soon as you come in the store. From chocolates to gummies and jelly beans, there is something here for every sweet tooth.

But the reason I come here is for the healthy bulk stuff, much to my children’s chagrin. They have a fantastic selection of spices at good prices, bulk grains and flours (I usually buy in 50lb bags for a 20% discount), nut butter, cheeses, crackers, cookies, ice cream, honey, and maple syrup and all kinds of baked goods.

As with anything, not everything here is a great deal, but I do have my regular items that work well for our family. Of course, this is a fun place to stop for all the samples too. If you come to The Ashery and Heini’s you’ll probably need to hold off on lunch for a while!

8. Stutzman Farms

6197 Township Road 605, Millersburg, OH 44654, Voicemail 330-674-1289

cash or checks accepted

If you are looking for the best place to buy organic grains and cereals, Stutzman Farms is the place you need to stop. Much of their grain is grown right here on the farm and they specialize in organic and non-GMO. They have a great price on spelt but they also have a variety of other ancient grains.

I recommend trying their honey-sweetened puffed corn or spelt…it is amazing! Often they have freshly baked bread available too.!

9. Heinis Cheese Chalet

6005 County Highway 77, Millersburg, OH 44654, (800) 253-6636

cash, check and credit accepted

Heini’s Cheese Chalet is an alpine treasure filled with amazing cheeses of all different kinds. Made right here in the same building from Amish-sourced milk, they sell all different flavors of cheese and fudge. The best part is all the samples of cheese, fudge, and dips!

They also have an amazing selection of cookie cutters and sprinkles galore in every shape, color and texture imaginable. When you are leaving, if you drive around the back of the building to exit, you’ll see all the milk cans used for transporting the milk from the Amish farmers.

10. Berlin Seeds

3628 State Route 39
Millersburg, Ohio 44654-9687 (United States)

Phone: 1-877-464-0892Fax: (330) 893-3296

Cash, check and credit accepted

I love Berlin Seeds. I stop here several times a year for seeds (including many heirloom varieties), heavy duty weed fabric, organic fertilizers, new blueberry bushes, strawberry, raspberry, asparagus onion starts, bulbs and vegetable starts. It feels like you are shopping out of a seed catalogue because they have so much variety right on the shelves!

They do have a catalog that you can request but its worth stopping if you are in the area. Their selection is fantastic and pricing very fair. They have a much better variety of seeds than our local plant nursery which is why I choose to shop here.

11. Troyer’s Country Market

5201 County Road 77, Millersburg, OH 44654, 

(330) 893-3786

Cash, check and credit accepted

Troyer’s Country Market is a blend between a traditional grocery store with bulk foods as well. They have a bunch of samples to try too! They sell Troyer’s pies with are delicious and have a little cafe area inside.

12. Zinck’s Fabric Outlet

4663 U.S. 62, Berlin, OH 44610
(330) 893-7225

Cash, check or credit accepted

If you love to sew, be sure to stop at Zinck’s Fabric Outlet. This huge warehouse is filled with fabric, notions and sewing delights galore. You can find some super deals on fabric here. Some of their fabrics have misprints or damage on the bolts so be sure to look over your precut lengths or bolts carefully to make sure any flaws won’t make the piece unusable. I grew up coming to Zinck’s all the time.

My mom sews and she would bring us here to pick out flannel for pajamas or fabric for new dresses. She still goes here if she needs to make a bunch of tablecloths, curtains, or pjs for grandkids!

13. Sunny Slope Orchard

14960 Millersburg Rd SW, Navarre OH 44662, 330-833-9415

cash, check or credit accepted

One of our favorite stops in the fall is Sunny Slope Orchard for a huge selection of apples. They also sell pumpkins, squash and depending on the season…sweet corn, peaches, concord grapes and various other produce.

Open year round, they sell Florida citrus in the winter and baked goods year round. Their cider is delicious too! The best deal here is their 1/2 bushel bags of seconds. The apples might be small or have some bruises, but most of them are fine. In 2022, they were $8 for a huge half bushel bag. In the past, they have had seconds all the way into February!

Buying Cheap Groceries and Goods in Amish Country Can Save You a Bundle!

With inflation skyrocketing in 2022, many people are trying to figure out how to stretch their dollars. I want to invite you to spend a day adventuring in Amish country. Instead of the normal tourist version, take a trip to explore what grocery options are there and if it is practical to start shopping here. I live about an hour away from all these stores, but make a trip about every 6 weeks. I get up early and make all my stops. It has definitely been worth it for our family to prioritize shopping here and I hope you will check it out if you live within a short drive!

Sarah McCubbin, founder of Ten Minute Momentum, is dedicated to helping parents confidently parent their kids by teaching life skills, social skills and leadership skills. As a child she was the kid that never quite fit in and is on a mission to help others understand the building blocks we all need to be successful adults. She lives in Ohio with her husband Mike, and 9 kids ranging in age from 5 to 21 where they use homeschool, private school and public schools for their kids education!

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