Homeschooling Without Overwhelm Course

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Week 1 – Homeschooling Mindset & Mission

Mission & Mindset Articles:

7 Methods of Homeschooling

You Are Your Child’s Education Expert

10 Habits of Successful Homeschool Moms to Avoid Burnout


Education Philosophy Worksheet PDF

Education Mind Map Worksheet PDF

Mission & Mindset Video:

Week 2 – Planning Your Homeschool

Planning Your Homeschool Articles

8 Steps to Planning Your Homeschool

7 Steps to Buying Curriculum

Practical Ways to Organize Your Homeschool Space


School Supply Master Shopping List

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Planning Your Homeschool Video

Week 3 – Motivating Your Kids To Do School


How the Best Teachers Do 3 Things Well to Empower Student Success

10 Habits of Successful Homeschool Moms to Avoid Burnout

Resources Kids Can Use to Teach Themselves

Week 4 – Homeschooling Loneliness


Simple Tips for Making Homeschool Friends


making homeschool friends

Week 5- Homeschooling Highschool Students


Make an Easy 4 Year Homeschool High School Plan

7 Easy Steps to Write a Homeschool Transcript

How to Make a Special Needs Transcript

How to Graduate a Homeschooler


High School Transcript and Course Description Template

Week 6 – Homeschooling With Toddlers


12 Tips for Homeschooling with Babies & Toddlers

Homeschooling With Toddlers