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Does your business need an extra set of hands to do those little online tasks that you keep meaning to do but can’t seem to find time for?
Let me help! As a Tech Virtual Assistant, my specialty is helping clients get the results they want without adding someone to payroll.

Contact me at [email protected] to schedule a call to see if I can help you.

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Social Media

Discovery Park Facebook & Instagram

Summit Virtual Assistant

Are you hosting an online summit? Let me help with anything from emails to video editing to social media!

online summit virtual assistant

Gardening Articles

“What’s Eating My Blueberries”

27 Great Companion Plants for Thyme

Education Articles

Homeschooling Articles & Helps

Create a Plan for High School with Life Skills & Social Skills

Product Reviews

Are you trying to improve your product reach and provide valuable review content to your consumers. Let me help!

Robby Robot Review

SOAR Study Skills Review