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Homeschool Co-op "In a Box" Program

Are you thinking of Starting a Homeschool Group?

Maybe you already jumped in to lead on that was already going?
Are you wondering if it was a mistake?

Feeling OVERWHELMED by all the things?
It's normal...but doesn't have to be YOUR NORMAL!

-Setting Up The Group
-Getting the Paperwork Organized
-Creating and Tracking a Budget
-Finding People For the Group
-Finding Leaders
-Choosing Classes
-Managing Parents...Who Keep Missing
-Navigating Unhappy People
-Kids With Special Needs
-And Moms With Special Requests??

Do You Wish You Had a Systematic Program to Get Your Group
Set Up...or Revamped?

YES...You Absolutely can DIY a Homeschool Group! You do not NEED this program.


10 Years Ago, I helped RESTART a homeschool co-op. It took a LOT of time!!
My first year as Director, I worked 40 HOURS a week for FREE to create a group.

(I had people helping but I was doing the bulk of the admin work that first year.)

Homeschool Co-op "In a Box" is the Answer!

It is a FULL Program in a "Box" designed to get your group up and running in a way that prepares you for growth...but without all the STRESS!!

It contains $2500+ in Resources...for only $299!

It feels crazy to me too! (The first year of restarting a co-op, I easily spent 40 hours a week (over 2000 hours setting up and working on co-op) It's my goal to cut that in half or to a quarter for you.

Is it worth it to cut 1000 hours worth of work or more...for $299.
Is your time worth more than .30 cents per hour?

YES!...Yes it is!

What's Included?

It contains $2297 in Resources + $239 in Bonuses ...for only $299!

$2500+ Total Value!

12 Live Weekly Zoom Group Coaching Sessions (Value $1200)
-10 module Homeschool Co-op "in a Box" Course (Lifetime Access) (Value $499)
(This will be built as we go)
-4 Month Facebook Group Support ($299 Value)
- Homeschool Co-op "In a Box" Trello Board ($299 Value)

Wait....There is MORE BONUSES!
($239 in Bonuses!!)

BONUS: Homeschool Co-op Planner (Value $29.99)
Conflict Checklist (Value $9.99)
Social Media Sharing Templates (Value $19.99)
Homeschool Co-op Handbook Template (Value $29.99)
Master Co-op Class Idea List (Value $19.99)
Find a Homeschool Group Location Resource Pack ($29.99)
3 Monthly Challenges to Accomplish Goals ($99.99)

Some of the Course and Coaching Topics Include:
1. Choosing A Group Type That Grows
2. Finding Families With the Same Values and Interests
3. Creating a Handbook for Peaceful Leadership
4. The Importance of Bylaws
5. How to Find (and Keep) a Meeting Location
6. How to Budget When You Have Variables
7. Steps to Handle and Prevent Conflict
8. Free and Paid Communication Tools
9. How to Get and Stay Organized
10. How to Use Social Media to Find Your People
11. What You Need to Set Up A Bank Account
12. When you should become a non-profit...and when you should become a 501c3.

I want it...but It's Not in the Budget

Please Remember...This is not a personal expense...
it is a Co-op expense!!

If you are just getting started, you can save the receipt, add this to the co-op budget and be reimbursed for your purchase from the co-op once you have operating funds.
(Happy to explain via email how to do this if you need help! I'm our group Treasurer!)

Straight Talk From Someone Who Did This...Do not "Save the Co-op Money" at the expense of

If you have an established group, you absolutely should have your board agree to purchase or reimburse before you buy! But the co-op should buy it...NOT you!!

I'm so excited to get started... I would be absolutely delighted to support you and your group in this journey!!

Still not sure if it's for worries, send me an email at [email protected] I don't want you to buy if it won't help your group the way you need. I tell you if I think it would be a good fit...or if it really wouldn't!